Diana Hernandez Cabezas

My dad is a psychologist, and one of the most common questions I get is: how was growing up with someone who analyses all the things you do and say? Well, my answer is always the same. It was extraordinary. 

I grew up surrounded by psychology books and listening to my dad’s stories about helping others overcome their problems. I wanted to help people too although my creative side had me filling up notebooks with drawings all the time. When I had to choose a career path, I decided to study Fine Arts in Barcelona where I learned about Gestalt principles, composition and colour theory. This knowledge, along with a specialisation in typography, is still the base of my work these days.

I started designing brand identities as a freelancer but clients soon began to request websites, and that is how I discovered web design. It was not until I joined Tuenti Movil that I realised how important it is to listen to customers. I became fascinated with transforming bad experiences into great ones. In the end, a happy customer is the best marketing you can get.

I have been responsible for the design of several products, I have never stopped learning about UI/UX both through practice and theory.

• When I worked at Entertainment Solutions, I learned about 10-foot user interfaces and the importance of the context of use.

• At SrPerro I helped other pet owners find dog-friendly places with their mobile devices along with the necessary information to choose the right place.

• At Quiqup, the startup experience allowed me to build a design system used across all the products and adjust the system to different types of users.

• Nowadays, I am working at Idean, a digital agency where we build products and services to help big companies explore areas that will help them grow. I am learning a lot about businesses, how to find opportunity areas and best practices to validate concepts.

In summary, I am a Product Designer based in London who has found a motivating career path that combines my visual and problem-solving skills. My LinkedIn

I spend countless hours in front of a screen, and when I'm not with my computer, you can find me knitting, experimenting with handmade processes or walking my dog, Moma. My twitter

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