Fly me to the moon

Creating your wedding invitation is a challenge as a designer. There are many questions that you will need to answer, some as obvious as when and where. But for me, the best wedding invitations are those that match what you represent as a couple. Such personal invitations that only those who know the couple understand 100% of the content.

We wanted the invitation to be a gift for the guests, a small present that they could enjoy occasionally.

Facing this challenge, I designed our book-invitation 'Fly me to the moon', title of the song from Sinatra that also accompanied the guests throughout the wedding.

Inside the book, there were three sets of illustrations; 'crochet and basketball', 'design and technology' and finally 'comics and photography'.

Each illustration was divided into two parts, one printed on tracing paper that overlaps with the other assembling the full illustration. We presented our hobbies or jobs. By going through the pages, you will start building this union.

We printed the book-invitation with Impressum. They helped us a lot, was a pleasure to work with them.

We assembled SelfPackaging boxes manually like a factory: one folded and the other finished it with the closing elastic band and the tag with the name of the guest.

We hope that the guests enjoyed the invitation as much as we enjoyed doing them.